Eleonora Del Brocco was born and actually lives in Rome. Her artworks are characterized with a constant and continue research in working with different materials, from photograph, and continuing with Plexiglas, metals, transparent, resins, sound and video. Exploring a single motion (gesture, movement) or much more than one, in her videos lives the entirely through the documentation of istantaneousness, of fragment (bit), and act.

For a long time she is working on social subjects: from “Refugee”, installation in Saragoza, Spain, 1999 to “Homeless”, photo-installation, Modern Art Museum in Rome, Italy, 2000; from ”Waiting”, video installation, Third International Festival of Plastic Arts Baghdad Saddam Art Museum, Iraq, 2002, to the video trilogy “Once Upon a Time”, on life, art and culture in Iraq, showed in various exhibitions. Also extremely interested on emergency. From 2003 works about water privatizations: exhibition “Fons Vitae” with video installation “Ab Acqua”.

Her works as photographer and videomaker are recognized with prizes, photographic exhibitions and magazine contributions.

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Interwiews TELEAMBIENTE – 30’ with the Artist - 8.3.2005
RAI 3, From welfare to well being: eating art, programma Notte Cultura, 14.1.96
RAI 3 D'Arte - Il paese delle donne - Notte Cultura
TIME OUT -2 novembre 2000 n. 43-Intervista di Francesca Pietracci
INTERNET -Festival Arcipelago – intervista sul video Tribu’2000

Internet – Festival Arcipelago – intervista sul video Felci e SeLci 2003
documentazione bio-bibliografica c/o l'Archivio Storico Quadriennale di Roma e Mediateca di Roma

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Vito APULEO, Angel AZPEITIA, Paolo BALMAS, Maria CAMPITELLI, Gabriella DALESIO, Raffaele GAVARRO, Luca FANTO', Barbara MARTUSCELLO, Claudio MAZZENGA, Lorenzo MICHELI, Massimo LOCCI, Elena PALOSCIA, Gaetano PAMPALLONA, Mimma PASQUA, Gerardo PEDICINO, Roberto PIADA, Francesca PIETRACCI, Roberta PERFETTI, Enzo SANTESE, Barbara TOSI, Anna Maria TREVISAN, Stefania FABBRI.

Main exhibitions and installations

In Spite of Everything, installation, Urban Art Project, in care of Guglielmo Gigliotti P.zza Pasquino, Rome, Italy.

Fading transparency of virtual horizons. Rome, Italy.Text by Roberta Perfetti.

Plumake/Stars, installation, 4th Contemporary art exhibition, Bassano, (VT), Italy

Frame/Fragments, Art Association L.I.A.,text Roberto Piada

Pages, installation, 3Th Prix “Massenzio for Art”, Celio Park, Rome, Italy

Black rain, in care of Barbara Martusciello. Events, Contemporary art exhibition, Sermoneta (LT) Italy.

A.S.F.A.L.T.O. 265 days of normal metropolitan insanity.Introduced by Claudio Mazzenga. La Cuba d’Oro, Roma, Italy

Eccentrics, in care of Di Sarro Centre, text by Raffaele Gavarro, Sermoneta (LT), Italy.

“Refugee”, Videoart (7’) Multimedia area in Exhibition Palace, Rome, Italy

“Simultaneous presences” video installation with four monitors. Text by Maria Campitelli, Miela Theatre, Trieste, Italy.

EÉACirce, Installation, Contemporary Art Exhibition, in care of Gerardo Pedicino, Ponza island, Italy.

POST POST SCRIPTUM, Artists Manifesto, in care of 12POLISGRAMMA Group, Rome, Italy.

1° GOLD PRIZE, “Nature Section”, International Biennial Exhibition of photograph, Saddam Hussein Museum, Baghdad, IRAQ.

All-out Signs, Art Gallery, in care of Enzo Santese, Trieste, Italy.

Alimentarymetamorphosis (Alimentamentamorphosis), Installation, realized for FAO Meeting, Exhibition Palace Roof Garden, Rome, Italy.

All the salt of the earth…souls, introduction by Vito Apuleo and Massimo Locci, Massenzio Art Gallery, Rome, Italy.

Sickle, Installation, text by Barbara Tosi, Di Sarro Centre, Tuscania, Italy.

NEFASTO Ostentations and heights, in care of Gabriella D’Alesio, Veroli (FR), Italy.

Diurnal Divinity on the road, Installation, Art in transit 1, “Lo Scoglio di Quarto” Art Gallery, Milano and S. Giorgio Palace Art Gallery, Campobasso, Italy.

Refugee, Installation 1. Guardroom, in care of Paolo Balmas, Rocca di Bentivoglio (BO) and Feria de Saragoza, Spain.

“Out of the Land”, video (3’), selected for “Arcipelago festival Cinema”, Rome, Italy.

FOCALIZING, Landscape Anatomy, installation in care of Maria Luisa Trevisan, Este (PD) Italy.

Trees (metropolitan totem) photograph installation, Homeless, Rome Municipal Contemporary and Modern Art Gallery. Rome, Italy.

So Far Away, photograph and video installation. Documentary Art Centre Luigi Di Sarro, Rome, Italy.

Near and far Friends, in care of Elio Rumma Scuderie Aldobrandini Frascati, Rome, Italy.

OGM, Art-Sciences, in care of Cosetta Mastragostino, Giulia Gallery, Rome, Italy.

Artist’s Tatzebau, in care of POLISGRAMMA Group 12, Anagni (FR) and Milan " Artist’s Tatzebau", Video art (22') Politecnico di Milano, Italy.

It’s not too late, videophotographinstallation. Faculty of Economy. University “La Sapienza” Rome, Italy

Seminar/conference on Videoart. Exhibition of four video. Municipal Contemporary and Modern Art Museum, Rome, Italy.

12 artists x 12 articles of the Constitution-art. N.10, plotter and video(8’) Pal. Valentini Building, Province of Rome, Rome, Italy.

INSIGNIA PACIS - Flags for la peace, Science City Naples, Workshop Detention Centre in Nisida, Naples, and Municipal Picture Gallery Culture’s (LT) and Ipogeo dell’Annunziata (NA), Italy.

AB – Freeze-frame. ODRADEK Bookshop,Rome, Italy.

XXXIV canto – traitors installation, Italian Institute of Culture, Madrid, Spain

Invideo Thursday Video documens, Museum Intrastevere of Rome, Rome, Italy.

Etiopia Piccolomini Palace and Ethiopia Embassy in Rome, Italy.

Art for… IRAQ - Underground P.zza Vittorio and P.le Flaminio, Rome, Italy

Boundless Voyagers – Artist’s Baggages and video Platform 18, Window of Rome Termini Station, Italy.
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